With over 40 years of experience working within the wedding industry we have confidence to provide our brides with the best knowledge possible to ensure that the experience is as pleasurable and easy as possible.   Here are answers to frequently asked questions and an idea of what to expect.
We base our consultations by an appointment only basis.  We allocate an hourly time slot to give each bride a quiet and calmer experience, and allows the stylists to work personally with each bride. However, this can run over the hour as we understand that brides may want to take some time. 
Weekday appointments are often quieter and easier to book.
We do offer evening or Sunday appointments but there is a £20.00 charge.
We do not have any specific requirements when it comes to what lingerie you wear. However, our advice is to think about nude tones and a good fitting bra WITH straps. Our strapless dresses are corseted and we can simply tuck the bra straps down but the softer dresses really need a bra with some ‘uplift’.
We do not allow photos to be taken for the following reasons:
We have been working in the industry for over 40 years, before mobile phones with cameras were around and we feel that keeping the experience, the products and the service private and unique is best. 

Our shop stocks sizes from 12-16, so more often than not our brides will be pulled in or held out of the dresses and we do not want our girls to go away from the boutique with images of the skirts too tight or too loose, we are likely to obsess about our figures - not the dress!

Most dresses are available to view online and your assistant will always give the proper name for the dress so you may go back to view it as many times as your heart desires.

Much like weddings, some brides find the experience of wedding shopping much more enjoyable without ‘selfies’ and would rather ‘live in the moment’. From our many years of experience we have found that photos taken in the shop are often not brilliant quality and tend to add to bridal anxiety rather than alleviate it.
Wedding dresses are a luxury rather than an economic necessity but talking about budget is always awkward. Our bridal gowns range between £1000 - £3000. One or two dresses may be slightly less, and we do have sample sale dresses in store as well. However, additional alterations made to measure or couture services are often likely. Please feel free to discuss this frankly with your assistant as they are then able to give the best possible advice for you.
Please let us know if you can’t make an appointment – especially on a Saturday.
Sunday and evening appointments are charged at £20.00.
Please note that we keep some showroom shoes to try on with the dresses, if you have size 2 and under or 9 plus feet we may not have any in the store to try, so please feel welcome to bring your own.
We advise to only bring a maximun of 4 friends or family with you – the studio can become very crowded.
Please make your friends aware of the no photos policy.